Over Technobis

More than 25 years ago, Technobis started out as a developer of precision instruments in a caravan storage facility in Heemskerk, the Netherlands. Since we received our ISO13485 certification in 2015, our sole focus has been on creating a better world of healthcare, through improving and producing medical equipment. Our development over the years has led to a number of spin-off companies, specialising in a dedicated field of medical mechanics and technology. At Technobis, we continue to focus our efforts on the MedTech, PharmaTech, and BioTech industries. Our timeline features milestones that support our reputation.

Wat is er te doen?

Presentation about development of Medical-, Life-science- and Bio-technology.

And a tour where the products will be assebled.

Also a tour at PhotonFirst where they do de development about sensors with Glassfibres etc..

Beside this al what we can inform you about our netwerk for introducing.

Wij ontvangen ook groepen leerlingen/studenten.


maandag 17 maart 2025
13:00 tot 16:30
dinsdag 18 maart 2025
10:00 tot 16:30
woensdag 19 maart 2025
10:00 tot 16:30
donderdag 20 maart 2025
10:00 tot 16:30
vrijdag 21 maart 2025
10:00 tot 12:00


Tel: 072 302 00 40
E-mail: watze.mandema@technobis.com
Website: https://technobis.com

Pyrietstraat 2
1812 SC Alkmaar

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